Moving to the Raleigh Triangle? Welcome! 


I am moving to the Raleigh Triangle. How can I be connected with a Guide family from your church?

Fill out the form below, and we will choose an available volunteer family. They will reach out by email right away. 

What can we expect when we arrive in Raleigh?

Our goal is to make you feel welcome, to help you settle in, and to be your first friends in Raleigh. To that end, we:


  • Greet you upon your arrival in Raleigh

  • Invite you to our homes for a meal and conversation

  • Eat out with you 2 or 3 times during your first couple of weeks here (our treat)

  • Show you around our community and help you get your bearings

  • To the degree we are able, we provide assistance with logistical issues like transportation, housing, schooling, etc.

We are already in the States, and we didn't know about this program.

No worries. The Lord has led you here now, so please still reach out by filling out the form. A Guide family would love to meet you. 


Is this only available to Christians and Christian families?

Every new resident of Raleigh - and of this country - is precious to us (Exodus 22:21, Hebrews 13:2). Immigrants of every religious background will find Raleigh to be an exciting and welcoming city. This particular program is designed to make sure that our brothers & sisters in Christ do not arrive here without a suitable family welcome (1 Timothy 5:8).